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Aleutian disease department

Mink Aleutian disease is a serious and chronic disease caused by parvovirus. The disease is transmitted from one animal to another directly via urine, excrement, saliva, blood or air, but also indirectly via e.g. goods or people, medical equipment or the apportioning of feed, and it can be carried by birds, fleas and air from one fur farm to another.

The progression of Aleutian disease in an animal is usually slow and the symptoms appear gradually. Only sometimes in small cubs a strong virus can lead to a sudden death. The symptoms are mainly a result from the damages that the disease causes in the kidneys, liver and brain. The symptoms are initially difficult to detect, although they are very evident in advanced stages:

- gradual loss of appetite and weight
- increased thirst
- pale mucous membranes
- bleeding from the mouth and snout
- dark and tarry excrement
- nervous system disorders


Aleutian disease has a significant effect on production. Infected animals have smaller litters than healthy animals, and their offspring’s development is also weaker. Infected animals also have higher levels of morbidity and mortality, particularly in the autumns. Moreover, the quality of their skin deteriorates.

Aleutian disease infections can be diagnosed at Fin FurLab with the ELISA test. The Aleutian disease sample will be taken as a toenail blood sample with so-called blood comb sampling. We can provide you with sampling materials and give you sampling guidance.


For more information concerning the ELISA test:


Majvor Eerola, Manager of the Aleutian disease Department, +358 20 7007 617


We also sell ELISA antigens. For more information:

Majvor Eerola, Manager of the Aleutian disease Department, +358 20 7007 617

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